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The clue is in the name...


We are a 'collective' and so are always looking to meet and work with cool people. If you fit into one of the following categories drop us an email at and we will get you on our radar and when the time is right, lets work together :D



Do you have a minimum of 5,000 followers on Instagram? a successful Youtube channel? If you have good engagement, keep things positive, create interesting content and want to work with a brand that doesn't look like every other generic gym wear brand thats out there. Then get in touch - let's see if we can work together.




Are you a competitor? A CrossFitter, Runner, Rower, Athletics competitor etc are you one of the best in your field? regular Top 10 finishes? Podiums? Or maybe you are a bit of a adventurer or constantly setting new challenges for yourself - *think Ross Edgeley swimming the circumference of the UK*

 Why not join our athlete programme. We would love to have you as part of our brand where we can follow your journey on the way to greatness.



Authors / Coaches / Nutritionists.

Got something to say? 

Have you got knowledge that you'd love to share and have people benefit from?

Are you a Coach who needs a voice? got knowledge bombs for days that you'd just love to share?

Do you have recipes that just need to be seen?


We are after people with good, positive knowledge and messages that they want to pass on to our engaged audience - if this is you then get in touch we will happily use our platform to promote you and your good content.



Business Skills.

 We are constantly looking for the right people to help push the brand forward.

 Are you a photographer, videographer, marketer, designer, investor - whatever skills sets you have, if you think you can help us push things forward and would like to collab drop us an email.




If you are interested in getting on our radar for any of the above roles send us an email to:

Unfortunately we cannot work with everyone who gets in touch but bear with us - you never know when it might be time to collab together.