Stylish Gymwear bits.
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About us

Metal Collective was created in 2016 by group of friends who came together to create something new, fashionable and relevant to the UK Gymwear scene.

Back then the scene was mostly garish, glossy and pretty damn unsightly clothes that you really wouldn't want to be seen wearing outside of the Gym. We liked our regular clothes outside the Gym but our gym clothes.... well they were mostly straight in the basket after a session.


So we decided to do something about it.


In August 2016 we kicked off Metal.Co. Since then it has been a successful ride designing and selling clean, good quality Gymwear and Lifestyle bits for the dedicated amongst us here.



There are so many brands out there now are jumping onto the Gymwear scene now but us?.... we live and breath this daily. We are made up of a number of dedicated Weight Lifters, CrossFitter's and Runners. This is what we do and we are just getting started.



Metal.Co - For the Dedicated.