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Summer Lifting Club: The 2020 Covid Edition.

This Summer was different... 


Each year for the past 5 years we have released a Limited Edition Summer Lifting Club Print backed up with a simple message - 'get outside and lift'.

 This year was different - whilst many of us had our own relationship with lockdown we were all forced away from the Gyms and for many of us, training outside a little more became a necessity. 

 Summer Lifting Club 2020 Covid Edition - Ladies Tank



Whilst the rest of the world seemed to stand still for those few months of lockdown...

At Metal.Co we trained outside a lot more, went scouting for mythical pull up bars we heard existed in some far hidden clearing and met with friends in the park for some solid conditioning sessions. 

It was the spirit of Summer Lifting Club at its finest and our Covid Edition print was created to mark that unique Summer.

Summer Lifting Club 2020 Covid Edition - Men's Tee



The Shoot for the 2020 release took place in Coventry's Fargo Village (A Creative Quarter home to many Independent brands) .

 On the shoot were athletes and friends of the brand Dalma and David C with local Photographer and also good friend to the Brand Chris Ward Jones taking the controls behind the Camera.


Summer Lifting Club 2020 Covid Edition - Men's Hood.





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