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My Crossfit Open '17. Part 1: The Coach

Miles Fineman.

Miles is Head Coach at Crossfit Nodens, a generally cool guy and the winner of Chicken Dinners...


- Miles, tell us about your first ever Crossfit Open experience :

My first ever Crossfit Open was when I was a Member at Crossfit Greater Brislington and I have to say it was a was a massive eye opener for me at the time. I was pretty anxious in the build up to it as I new I had some chinks in my armour and I am not the worlds best at losing anything - Snap, Scrabble or even my car keys.

Paul G (Crossfit GB Coach) and I went head to head for a Nando's whole chicken dinner - "winner takes all" - as if it wasn't competitive enough already. 

The whole 5 weeks were brilliant. It was a break from programming for me and was what training is all about. The tough, random challenge of the unknown. It really brought the whole gym together. No one cared if you RX'd it or scaled it the fact you did it all together was the most important thing during the Open. The atmosphere at Crossfit GB was next level from start to finish.

The worst workout for me was the 1st one as I tore both hands early doors but wanted to get a score on the board (not cool - look after those paws).


- What does the Crossfit Open mean to you now...

As an athlete the Crossfit Open to me shows accountability for your training. If you have honestly done everything you could of in that year you will see big improvements and success. Its an amazing chance to see your overall growth and improvement. Comparing yourself now to yourself a year ago highlights that constant hunger for better.


- How is your Crossfit Open experience different now you are a Coach?

As a Coach I am very much looking forward to seeing member progression and to be there in a supporting role for some members experiencing their very first Open.

My focus is very much on my programming of the athletes and members at the box so hopefully they will be well prepared to encounter anything the Open throws at them.

Developing others has always been a passion of mine and developing and pushing those guys is my main aim. Seeing them achieve what they think is unachievable (during the Open) is my goal as a coach.


- What are you hoping to see more / less of in this years Open?

I am hoping to see a lot more strict movements this year. For me seeing strict movements performed well under fatigue is so impressive and always leads to great gains. I am also hoping there is some good opportunities for all the members to throw around some tin as well.


- Any Castro predictions?

I'm predicting some DB thrusters and Shoulder to OH. As you can see from the picture above we (hopefully) have the Dumbell situation under control we are hoping thats it for logistical challenges this year.


- Any parting pearls of wisdom...

Technique is that doorway to strength, smash the open and be better humans.


Miles and Paul G - one of which won a fine Chicken Dinner.

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