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My Crossfit Open 2017 - The Newbie.


Lulu is a newcomer to the Crossfit Open, a MBA Student and a fan of the Singapore Slings.


So Lulu, your first Crossfit Open, what are you expecting? 

I'm expecting blood, sweat, tears and swearing ... only joking ! Well actually I do expect sweat.

I began CrossFit training for the first time just 6 weeks ago so a lot of this is still new to me so this whole experience is going to be such a steep learning curve for me but one I am relishing.

I am hoping that with the scaled options available the workouts shouldn't feel too intimidating. Personally, one of the main reasons I decided to do the Open is to find out where I stand regards my fitness levels – get the scores in and then as I carry on training I can look back and compare and hopefully see progress.

I will be doing the Crossfit Open scaled and I’m hoping there will be few others around me also doing scaled so that we can do it together. I hear (and hope) that there will be a fun element with great team and community atmosphere around the Open as I believe this kind of support can be of huge benefit.

My objective for the Crossfit Open 2017 is to do all five workouts and not finish at the bottom (I want a good few points).


Do you know how you are going to approach the Workouts?

Not only this will be my very first Open but it will be a rather strange one as for the first three workouts I will be competing in Singapore. My stay in Singapore is for two and half weeks living in a hotel. I will be spending my nights and weekends doing my MBA whilst in the daytime I shall be training and enjoying a cheeky Singapore Sling ! so everything will be a huge change to my normal routine. I have already spoken to a Box out there and they are happy to welcome me.

I will be doing the last two workouts back in the UK in my home box Crossfit Unit C Solihull and from what I heard the workouts are done on Fridays and Saturdays all together followed by a team breakfast. I’m looking forward to that.


Are there any workouts you are looking forward to or avoid?

I found out that I quite enjoy snatches. I like skipping but I have only managed to string a few DUs just yet. Wall balls though! those buggers I'm not so keen on.


What do you know about Dave Castro?

Recently I was trying to find out some more information about the scaled option workout and saw a video where Dave Castro was talking about introducing the scaled option into the open this year. So because of that I know that he's the Games Director in charge of the workouts.

(I guess she will soon know more about this evil genius – O)


One line for those not sure about doing it for the first time?

Two words really = Scaled option! There is no excuse.


We caught up with Lulu again after 17.1 to see how her first experience of the Crossfit Open went.


My very first Open WOD done!

What can I say - I'm so glad it's over 😊 Coming from a box in the UK where the temperature I'm used to this time of the year is 4-8 (ish) degrees to a box in Singapore with about 35 degrees (maybe more) -  I found it really hard.

On the day I did a quick workout beforehand and then waited for my slot. I must admit I felt a bit nervous - new box, didn't know anybody and it looked like hell on earth watching the other guys.

My initial aim was to finish the whole workout however I didn't quite make it - only managed 184 (I swear JT (the judge) wasn't counting my burpees properly and I must have done like 30 every time 😆 (only joking)). It was tough but I'm glad I did it. Bring on the second one and the rest. I'm doing my first three Open WODs here in Singapore but I look forward coming home and do the rest in my box at Crossfit Solihull 😊



Lulu churning through 17.1 in Singapore.

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