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My Crossfit Open '17 - The Vlogger.

Jasmine is one part of the Team Richey Vlogging team, personal friend of our's and despite her petite exterior a complete beast in the BOX. You can subscribe the Jasmine's YouTube Channel via the link below:


- Jas, tell us about your first Crossfit Open experience :

So my first Crossfit Open experience was at my home Box (Crossfit Faber) in 2016. I had been doing Crossfit just under a year so my initial thoughts were "I have no idea what this is but might as well give it a go".

Even though I was new to the Open experience I had the fear of not being able to do it. I am so self-critical, but this really was a ridiculous thing to think. I was not taking part to compare myself to anyone but myself. I did it for me, to show myself where my strengths and weaknesses were and to see how far I could push myself.

My worst workout was easily 16.1 – The first, the one with all the fear, the fear of the unknown and the first time I pushed myself to my absolute limit. I pushed so hard and by the end of the walking lunges I could have cried. I gave it everything I had and I finished content that I gave it my all. I found strength and support from my CrossFit community, and It created the foundations I needed to continue to improve as an athlete over the Open.

The Open 2016 was a major starting point for me. I had been doing CrossFit on and off for around 10 months and didn’t fully understand what the Open was about. I was encouraged to use this as a benchmark for my performance over the next year. There were a few of us at the box that had started at around the same time and who were going through the same ‘first Open’ jitters. It was nice to be able to share the experience with others and have the support from my CrossFit family.  Every Friday throughout the Open we had Open Throwdowns and the atmosphere at Crossfit Faber on these nights were amazing.

In the end The Crossfit Open 2016 was the best thing that I ever did. I found the courage to take part, I found the confidence to overcome my fear of failure.


- What does the OPEN mean to you now? (as an athlete):

What it means to me? : Jasmine 2016 vs Jasmine 2017

The Open this year means so much more to me. Not because I have any chance of getting to Regional's or the Games but because I have spent the last year making CrossFit a big part of my life. I have made so much more progress than I could ever have imagined. I have been through ups and downs with my training and feel ready to test where I am currently at and look forward to setting new goals and targets for this year.


- Describe a typical Jasmine Open Friday:

Morning: Last year I would wake up before my alarm went off, check the workout that had been released and then go back to sleep thinking about how I was going to pace it, equally worry about how on earth I was going to get through it! This year has been no different – I've woken up each Friday morning doing exactly the same!

Training: I would usually rest the day before and not really take part in much more than light exercise in between. This year I plan to do the same, but will probably workout more during the week to keep my body ticking over and so that is isn’t such a shock to the system by the time Friday comes around.

Food: My food prep wasn’t brilliant last year, I didn’t really have a routine and didn’t eat enough to fuel my workouts. This year I will be sticking to my usual routine of oats for breakfast, and copious amounts of chicken veg and rice for lunch and dinner!


- What difference is your experience of the Open now being a vlogger?:

Vlogging: I have just launched my own channel, "Who’s Jas" which will be running over the course of this year’s Open. One thing I don’t ever worry about is how I will look on camera during workouts. As much as I would like to look like I am sparkling rather than sweating, I know this is far from the reality!

It is so amazing hearing everyone’s stories of how we have motivated them and inspired them with their training, but what most people often don’t realise is that they actually keep us motivated every day too and so we can't wait to see and hear more of this during the workout's to really push us on.


What are you hoping to see more / less of in this year’s Open?:

This is a tough one. Everyone has their favourite and least favourite movements. For me I know that because you push yourself to the absolute limit in every one it doesn’t matter whether you like the movements or not, you will still end up in the same state.

I hope that handstand push ups come up again this year. This is a movement that I couldn’t do last year (albeit I didn’t make it off the rower in time to try anyway!), so it would be good use this in a competitive environment. Worst movement for me would probably be double under's. I am not very efficient with them at all so will probably end up losing a lot of time if they come up.


We caught up with Jasmine after 17.3 . . .

So Jas, how has CrossFit Open '17 been treating you so far?

OMG I am loving this years CrossFit Open so much I don't know where to start. I was like a kid at Xmas in week one going to bed waiting to wake up for the announcement of 17.1 and well lets not talk about those back DOMS from that week - I think the whole CrossFit Community was suffering that weekend.

In week 2 I got my first ever Muscle Up during 17.2 and Craig's (Richey) Dad has being doing the Open workout's with us this year so it's literally been amazing. Im having so much fun and the Friday Night Open workouts have been amazing atmoshpere at CrossFit Faber and I literally cannot wait to see what is in store for the last 2 weeks, I am having so much fun.


 Jasmine and Craig (Richey) - Subscribe to their YouTube channels today.


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