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My Crossfit Open '17. Part 2: The Athlete

Shane Vincent.

Shane Vincent (left :)) is a a Personal Trainer at David Lloyd in Port Solvent having previously served as part of an EOD team in the army and also a known wrecker to his friends of all things Ben & Jerrys.

Follow Shane on instagram here: @shanevinny7


- Shane, tell us about your first ever Crossfit Open experience :

I completed some of the Opens in years previous but for some reason hadn't actually officially entered. So last year was my first official entry of the Crossfit Open. Despite having previous experience I was still nervous as I now felt that my score actually was going to count and give me a position in the Crossfit Open - I was now accountable and that made a difference. 

I wanted to do myself proud for all the hard work I had put in over the previous 12 months.


 - What does the Crossfit Open mean to you now...

The Open is an accumulation of the previous 12 months hard work, determination and commitment. It is an opportunity to prove to myself that I am capable of setting goals and achieving them despite all possible doubts.


- What are you hoping to achieve in this years Open?

Last year I placed 2003rd in the Meridian Regional so my main aspiration is to improve on this. Whether that is by one place or a thousand places - an improvement is an improvement. However, If i was to put myself out there I'd like to go for a top 1,200 placement.


- How do you approach a Friday of the latest Workout release?

Like any regular days training, I go to bed the night before looking forward to what comes with the following days programme - with the Open very little in my way of approach and preparation will change for me.

On Thursday night I will go to bed with a little apprehension (ok ok and a little bit of excitement) around what Dave Castro will have in store for us all, then the first thing I will do when I wake up is get online to see what is in store for the evenings test. No matter what it is, I know it is going to hurt - it's the Crossfit Open !! and these are the experiences I kind of thrive on !.


- Any Castro predictions?

Personally, I don't like to think about it too much or try and have anything in the way of predictions. I feel like this helps me contain good energy as becoming disappointed when not reaching an expectation can have a negative effect on my performance. So I generally try not to get caught up in any hype.

Train everything all of the time and you'll be prepared for all things right?

- Final words for anyone not signed up yet? ...

Do it !!!!


Shane entering the 'pain cave' at last years Crosffit Open.


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