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Metal.Co's Summer '17 Lifting Club: Now Open

The UK Summer time is here, how long for is anyone's guess so let's do this. . .

What is Metal.Co's Summer Lifting Club about?

We kicked off off Metal.Co's Summer Lifting Club last year with 2 main objectives -
to celebrate both the British Summer Time and Lifting.

Throughout the year we are all (mostly) the same. In the gym grinding away, nudging up our numbers, nailing the accessory work, chasing PB's, WODDING against the clock or pushing against ourselves or our competitors.
All with the same common goal - to be better than we were yesterday.

The Summer Lifting Club is different - we want to create a movement that if for only a couple of times each summer you forget about numbers and the clock and other such things and just remember to have fun with the weights.

The Metal.Co Summer lifting Club is all about getting outside, maybe grabbing some friends and just slowing things down. Go 50% on the bar and just play with technique, do a sloooooow partner Grace. Or maybe just go real slow between lifts and push each other to go for a PB you've been avoiding.

If you wanna take it all the way - get your whole Box involved, have an evening throwdown and get the BBQ sizzling.

Forget the class, forget the clock, forget the pressure - they'll still be there tomorrow.

The point of it is to slow down a couple of times each Summer and just do what you want to do at your pace whilst enjoying those summer vibes.

So get out there sometime soon and Tag us on instagram @metal.collective we want to see what the Summer Lifting Club'17 looks like for you guys.



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