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Love what you do.

So a lot is going on in our personal lives right now - work promotions, moving house etc as well as the daily grind of : EAT /  SLEEP /  WORK / OPEN BOX / TRAIN / COACH / TRY TO MAKE TIME TO EAT AGAIN / YOU GET THE PICTURE / REPEAT. 

But nothing is more satisfying then seeing designs come to light then just grabbing the camera and having fun to get some instagram pictures etc. I say satisfying - its an awesome feeling and one of the two main reasons we do it. 

The other is getting feedback from you guys and making you guys happy with your purchases. We love hearing from you guys and/or seeing pictures on Instagram of you in our tees. To borrow a phrase a never heard before until this week "its a real kick in the pants" - I like this saying i'm going to use it again i think ha 

Our new tee is out now (see picture) and hopefully its coming across now that we aren't like the other labels out there. We want to produce clothing so fresh you'd happily wear this into a club or a gig as well as smashing out those PB's in it. We think this is a strong tee and we hope you agree.

#Metal.Co [O]





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