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First post

So here it is, first blog of the store. Been feeling a little weary lately given all the work behind the scenes, the fever, suppliers dates slipping as well as our day jobs and training for 2 hours every evening.

But then we posted our Wednesday motivational on Instagram it hit me - I don't just post this stuff because it's generic waffle, these aren't just affirmations I say for fun - these are words that I live by and help drive me towards my personal goals.

And soooo I just quit with the overthinking of everything and the focusing of what wasn't working and just got on with 'getting stuff done' (effectively). What could have been just another day of grimble has actually been a great day for progress and I guess this is why we post these motivational posts - it can literally snap you out of being affected by the unimportant things and just keep taking the steps required in your progression. [o]




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